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Adopt A B93 postcode

To encourage voluntary community support across B93 we are asking local residents to “adopt” either their own, or a nearby postcode, and deliver a “viralkindness” slip to houses (usually about 30) in the postcode. 


The slip shows the kind of help you are able to offer and your contact details so that everyone, whether online or not, feels there is someone local who cares.


You are also not alone and can seek help and support from other volunteers by joining the B93 Coronavirus Community Support Group on Facebook. 


About 300 postcodes have been taken but there are many still available. Please use the form below to provide your details and choose a postcode. You can also download the viralkindness slip HERE

Please ONLY complete this form below once you have adopted a postcode using the above form and posted the viral kindness slips through the houses

Adopt a Postcode Viral Kindness Slip Completion

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