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Following on from our efforts in the first lockdown, Arden Community Group (ACG) is once again here to offer assistance in facilitating and co-ordinating practical support and communicating information across the community. 


During the first lockdown, our community proved itself to be caring and supportive; the community response to those in need was truly touching.  The challenges we face second time around are slightly different but equally important…


  • There are children and families in need who need our help. Help Feed B93St G & T SVP & School Foodbank Support Group

  • There are people who are currently suffering with chronic loneliness, See here how we can help

  • There are community groups who need to communicate important information, See here

  • There are people who need guidance, support and practical up-to-date information


Please share with us what community initiatives and resources you are already aware of; what sources of information you are finding useful; what needs and priorities we should be looking to address; and, most importantly, what ideas you may have as to how we as a community can gear ourselves up to be strong and support each other.


Information will be regularly uploaded and updated on this website.  You can also visit us on Facebook – Arden Community Group or Twitter @ArdenCommunity

Get support - Get Involved - Local people helping those in need

Arden Community Group are representatives from all sectors of our community. We have come together to put in place a communications and support infrastructure to draw together resources and activities across our Area.


We will consolidate the information and make it available for all on the new website


We would like to quickly build knowledge and provide support where it is most required, and provide a focal point for communicating between what's happening on the ground and a central hub.  

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